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Newsletter #10 – Market in Uptrend

A pretty short addition this time, but it does contain some extremely important information like:

  • More (dark?) omens have been observed in the market over the past week
  • There is always something we can learn from history – a small study of the crash of 1987 and 2008

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Newsletter #9 – Market in Correction

Keep on reading to learn more about all these exciting stuff:

  • Back into a correction after economic activity indicates that stimuli has not created lasting improvements
  • The market just got a confirmed Hindenburg Omen, which significantly increases the likelihood of a stock market crash
  • Housing market is really starts to impresses on the downside – again
  • Nothing new with the US economy, it is still extremely weak; moving towards a broken back
  • Bonds at record low yields, is it time to exit?
  • As always some people view the stock market as extremely cheap, so should you maybe put your money there?
  • USD is headed for a great run relative to most other currencies
  • Gold looks like it could break to the downside, but still not confirmed
  • Pretty close to 1929
  • Talking about 1929 that was the start of long period if deflation, what is the current status on inflation vs. deflation?
  • Hey, by the way, did I mention that the US will go bankrupt?
  • China is heading towards trouble as well
  • And finally, as always: These are my current main thoughts on our outlook

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