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Downtrend – October 5, 2018

The market went into a new downtrend yesterday, Thursday, October 3rd. This is a rare event lately as this is only the third downtrend in the last two years. Markets are at extreme valuations, so caution is adviced.

Uptrend – March 27, 2018

We have just witnessed the shortest possible downtrend: one day. The market went back into an uptrend yesterday Monday, March 26th.

Downtrend – March 25, 2018

The market entered into another downtrend on Friday, March 23rd. This caps the uptrend to only two weeks and makes it the first short-lived uptrend in over two years.

Uptrend – March 12, 2018

Another short-lived downtrend. The market entered another uptrend on Friday, March 9th.

Downtrend – February 9, 2018

We have been in a continuous uptrend since March 1, 2016 (with the exception of a few days in June 2016). This is unprecedented and speaks volumes about this bull market and how strong it has been over the last two years.

We did, however, get a shift in direction yesterday as the market went into a downtrend.

Uptrend – July 1, 2016

After only a short weeks downtrend, the market went back into a new uptrend yesterday after three strong up days in a row.

Downtrend – June 24, 2016

With market reactions to the Brexit vote we entered another downturn.

Uptrend – March 1, 2016

I have been way late with this update. But with this past week with volatility related to the potential Brexit it is about time to update. The market it expecting a “stay” vote based on todays market action. The market continues to be in an uptrend that started March 1st.

Downtrend – January 5, 2016

After a market that has been shifting very little in direction in all of 2015 we have now had three directional shifts since December 11th. Volatility is increasing. The market went into a new downtrend yesterday January 4th.

Uptrend – December 17, 2015

The shortest downtrend in years is already over. The market went into an uptrend again yesterday.